Vetements FW 2016

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Parisian design collective Vetements’ fall/winter show took place at the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris. Demna Gvasalia’s designs consists of mostly distorted and oversized pieces. The one I really like were some simple hoodies inscribed “Justin4ever” and “You Fuck’n Asshole” which I hope I could get my hands on to those someday or might go to some of my sweatshirts embroided. Just kidding! Also, I really like the windbreaker with “Vetements” written on it and the one printed with roses and skull which is obviously inspired with metal rock culture. Overall, I like the clothes and I love Gvasalia’s aesthetic (can’t wait to make a post about Balenciaga). If these were affordable, I would definitely half of the collection.

BTW, I made these collages.
Photos from CR Fashion Book and Caroline Daily




One of my favorites this Milan Fashion Week! Alessandro Michele isĀ killin’ it again. The F/W collection consist of silks which I think is inspired from the Asian Culture, sequin-coveredĀ suits, embroidery, flower printed suits, and a collaboration the NYC-based grafitti artist Gucci Ghost also known as Trouble Andrew who is known for his Gucci double G pattern, printed on handbags, skirts and jackets. Overall, I love it! Still shows the classic Gucci aesthetic.

M, xo



Summer last year I fell inlove at first sight with Saint Laurent SS16 Menswear. I fell inlove with the clothes, the music, the setting, everything! And since then, I’ve become a follower of the brand. I hope Hedi won’t leave the because their FW’16 was perfect! Though some of the outfits reminded me of the Victorian Era, it still has it’s rock ‘n roll aesthetic combined with a bit of glam. The first half of the collection consists of embroided boots, velvet coats, glitter and leather cullotes, capes, big belts. Definely one of my faves this fashion month, looking forward for the second part.

M xo

Wearing Black on Summer

mikkkkmmmyungm2rodsrods2rods3rods5rods11shiteI have been slacking off nowadays, probably because I barely don’t know anyone in my color theory class. Slacking off means I didn’t went to school today, and because I skipped classes today me and my mother went shopping instead. If you guys are wondering why my mother is okay with me skipping school, y’all are wrong. She’s totally not okay with it and this could be my last day of skipping school.

After shopping, I met up with my girl Rodielene for a photoshoot sesh. We literally just met up just for the shoot and it’s a coincidence that both of us are in monochrome outfits! It was the first time we met just to do a photoshoot and only lasted for like almost an hour. Rods took lots of good photos and it’s not bad for just a beginner. We really had fun and looking forward for the next shoot.

M xo